Picture the high-voltage kitchen of your favourite restaurant? We are pretty sure by now you have imagined a scene right out of your favourite MasterChef episode with some intense sautéing, flambeing and intricate plating. What if we tell you, you can experience somewhat similar in your own kitchen, and Knock Knock by The Park, Radisson is providing all the essentials. DIY meal kits have become all the rage during lockdown, so what if a lot of us cannot make it to our favourite restaurants we can bring a bit of it to our homes. For the unversed, DIY kits are essentially Do-It-Yourself kits, where-in you do not get fully prepared meals, but instead all the raw materials that you need to whip up exquisite meals, including sauces, herbs and dressing . From Knock Knock we got Signature Chicken Wings with Garlic Mayo and the DIY box comprised of Marinated chicken wings, House wing sauce and oil, besides the garlic mayo. We also found a printed recipe of the same. We fried the marinated chicken wings in oil, and then tossed it in some house wing sauce, until we got some saucy and succulent chicken wings, which we paired with the tangy garlic mayonnaise.

Next, we tried our hands on the Chicken dumpling in Sichuan chilli oil. What was in this box you ask? Some pre-folded chicken dumplings, mixed fresh herbs, sichuan chilli oil sauce. For the garnish they provide crunchy scallions and sesame seeds. As per the recipe given, we boiled the dumplings. To give it our touch, we made a broth using the Sichuan chilly oil, in which we dunked the dumplings and topped it with some sesame seeds and scallions. The spicy broth fired up our appetite just the right amount.  

While we thoroughly enjoyed both the chicken wings and dumpling broth, we have to admit we had the most fun putting together the Peking-style mushroom roll. Most of you may know this famous roll from Beijing that is made with a duck meat an crunchy cucumber filling, but this recipe had a sweet vegan twist. But first let us tell you what all we found in the box. So this DIY kit contained slices shiitake and button mushrooms, sliced pineapple sticks, hot and sweet peking sauce, chopped garlic. For assembling the rolls there were 6 super thin pancakes, long strips of spring onions, cucumbers, pickled carrots hoisin sauce and chiu chow chilli sauce. We first cooked the mushrooms in heavy bottom pan, tossed it with garlic, pineapple and peking sauce, until it pineapples caramelized. Once the sweet and sticky base was ready, it was time to put the rolls together. So in went the peking mushroom-mix, some pickled carrots, cucumbers, and all the hot sauces. Together the rolls combined a gamut of flavours, making it a wholesome treat- you do not want to miss. 

Who knew you could make all these gourmet delights at home, that too so easily.

Details: You can place your orders at www,Knocknock.co.in or contact 999909842.

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