Egg coleslaw sandwich is the perfect protein-rich meal.


  • Eggs are rich in proteins and other nutrients.
  • Add boiled eggs to coleslaw to make a delicious meal for breakfast.
  • Here’s an easy recipe to make egg coleslaw sandwich.

Mayonnaise is all we need to make interesting fillings for toasts and sandwiches. Mayonnaise alone works as a great sandwich spread too. Sandwiches are a breakfast staple, and since there are gazillion sandwich recipes available, you can make one every day without letting monotony set in. Amid the host of sandwich recipes, the ones with creamy coleslaw filling are simply the best. Coleslaw is nothing but mayonnaise mixed with veggies and some lime juice or vinegar. Although, you can use any veggies to make coleslaw but cabbage and carrots are a must. If you ask us, we also like to add cucumber for some freshness and extra crunchiness.

Now, if you like to have lots of proteins in the morning meal itself (which is great by the way) you must be using a lot of eggs to make your breakfast. So, add eggs to your favourite coleslaw sandwich too. Eggs are a powerhouse of proteins along with other nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, which make it an ideal food for breakfast. Here’s how you can make egg sandwich with coleslaw for a nutritious and tasty morning meal.

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Coleslaw makes for the perfect sandwich filling. 

Let’s start with veggies…

Take vegetables like shredded cabbage, grated carrots, finely chopped onion and cucumber cubes. Remember, you are making a cold sandwich so use only those veggies which can consumed without cooking.

Now, make the coleslaw –

Once your veggies mix is ready, add enough mayonnaise to coat all the veggies. Add a couple of drops of lemon juice to bring some sourness. You can also skip this step if you don’t want your sandwich too sour. Lemon is basically required while making coleslaw as a side dish for meals or for salads. Also add salt and black pepper powder as per your taste.

Waiting for eggs now?

Keep your eggs for boiling before you start prepping for the sandwich. By the time you’ll prepare coleslaw, your eggs will boil. Now, chop the boiled eggs finely and mix them with coleslaw.

And, we’re almost done…

Carefully, spread one bread loaf with the egg coleslaw filling and place another loaf over it and press firmly to shut it. Cut the sandwich diagonally to make two sandwiches and serve with tomato ketchup. A side of crunchy chips will round off the meal perfectly.

Enjoy your creamy protein-rich meal with all your favourite foods!

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