Simple, easy and delicious! Moong dal barfi is the perfect Indian sweet to try at home.


  • Barfi is a classic Indian sweet that no one can ever resist
  • It is a part of every occasion, festival and celebration
  • Here’s an easy moon dal barfi recipe that you can try at home

There is something about Indian sweets that we just can’t stop at one! Be it gulab jamun, jalebi or a ladoo, you ought to grab another one automatically after one serving. One Indian sweet that is staple across every occasion, festival and celebration is the sweet and soft barfi. Cut into neat cubes, triangles or diamonds, barfi comes in all sorts of flavours, colours and shapes to make your sweet indulgence a memorable affair.

With the mention of barfi, the most common type that comes to mind is the quintessential kaju ki barfi, but you’ll be surprised with the wide range of barfis that you can relish! From lauki ki barfi to atta barfi or badam ki barfi, there are options galore! Amid the lockdown, when our favourite sweet shop might be shut and you may think it won’t be possible to relish the delightful barfis, we’ve got you covered! You can make barfis at home too in no time and with few, simple ingredients.

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Here is a moong dal barfi recipe, packed with the goodness of dhuli moong dal, coarsely ground and cooked in ghee. It is then mixed with khoya and elaichi, and kept aside to set. Once cool, it is is stirred with sugar syrup to blend well. Garnished with vark and chopped almonds, the mixture is cut into desired shape of barfis when cool and set. Voila! You can enjoy fresh and homemade barfis with this stellar recipe in less than an hour.

Usually, people who are on diets or are conscious about sugar level stay away from such sweet treats in the market. With homemade Indian sweets you can control ingredients and quantity according to them, and let them enjoy guilt-free! You can use healthier alternatives to refined sugar and khoya as well.

Find the recipe of moong dal barfi here.

Try it at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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