• A significant food ritual over the weekend is Sunday brunch
  • These French toast sandwiches will surely take that love a step forward
  • Prepare French toast sandwiches for ‘homely’ Sunday brunch

Let’s admit it- weekends for most of us are cheat days! Be it going out for dining or cooking lavish spread at home, weekend calls for indulging in some mouth-watering dishes, keeping ‘healthy’ thoughts aside. A significant food ritual over the weekend is Sunday brunch. Sundays are all about laziness, family-time and a perfectly laid out brunch table with mouth-watering dishes to devour. We generally prefer going out for brunches and enjoy the Sunday with some good food and lovely people and loads of chitter-chatter. But in this lockdown situation due to coronavirus pandemic, going out and meeting people over a cozy brunch is a next to impossible affair; but preparing a meal a home can always be an option. Hence we bring you two simple and lip-smacking recipes that can make your Sunday brunch a luscious-affair- chocolate and cheese French-toast sandwiches.

French toast is known to be a part of the Sunday brunch spread and is loved by all. These French toast sandwiches will surely take that love a step forward. Take a look at the quick and simple recipes!

How To Make Cheese and Chocolate French-Toast Sandwiches:


Eggs- 2

Milk- half cup

Sugar- as per taste

Salt- a pinch

Butter- 1 tablespoon

Chocolate spread- as per the bread size

Cheese spread- as per the bread size

Bread- 8

Maple syrup- to garnish

Oil/butter- 4 tablespoons


Step 1. Take two breads and put cheese spread on one and chocolate spread on the other. Close with two breads. Repeat the same with rest of the four breads. Four sandwiches are ready (two with chocolate spread and two with cheese spread).

Step 2. Take a bowl and add eggs, milk, butter salt and sugar. Whisk them well. You can use honey instead of sugar.

Step 3. Dip the sandwiches in the whisked egg. Cover both the sides well.

Step 4. Heat a non-stick pan, put one tablespoon of oil/butter and fry a french-toast sandwich. Make sure both the sides of the sandwich are fried well and golden in colour. Do the same with the rest of the sandwiches.

Step 5. Enjoy it hot with maple syrup drizzled on the French-toast sandwiches. However, you can avoid using maple syrup for cheese French-toast sandwiches.


Alongside the chocolate French-toast sandwiches, you can serve some mangoes, pineapple or any juicy summer fruit with some fresh cream and a glass of ice-tea.

Alongside the cheese French-toast sandwiches, you can serve some classic homemade hash browns, some sautéed veggies and a glass of fresh fruit juice.

Prepare a delicious spread for a ‘quarantined’ brunch this Sunday and surprise your family. Happy weekend!

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