Maggi pani puri and watermelon with ketchup are some of the weird food combinations.


  • Netizens are coming up with weird food combinations in lockdown
  • A Twitter user shared the picture of maggi paired with Pani Puri
  • Here are the most disgusting pairings we discovered

The period of quarantine has brought out the creativity and innovation out of many budding chefs. People are coming out with all sorts of unique ideas to make interesting preparations from whatever resources are available to them at home. However, all of these food combinations are not ones that are digestible to the palate. A Facebook page came up with a combination of chocolate biryani made with biryani and chocolate spread, and recently a Twitter user paired Pani Puri with Maggi. Take a look:

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The recipe video of the Maggi Pani Puri was shared by the Twitter User, which basically showed the cooking of the packet of instant noodles and then filling it up in the empty pani puri. The combination did not go down well with netizens, as they reacted strongly to the eccentric pairing. Take a look at the reactions:

Apart from these hilarious comments, some users poured in their own ideas for bizarre food combinations. While one person shared a ‘Pasta Pani Puri’ in retaliation, another shared a bubblegum pizza to get back at the user. Take a look:

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This trend of strange food pairings going viral has not just been limited to these combinations alone. A Twitter user had shared a picture of a slice of watermelon being paired with a squirt of tomato ketchup, much to the internet’s disgust. Check it out:

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