Onion and garlic are combined with the goodness of mustard oil.


  • Onions are packed with nutrition
  • Garlic is renowned for its pungency
  • Onion and garlic pickle is sure to strike a chord with everyone

In the midst of back to back teleconferences, countless emails and deadlines – what can truly lift our spirits is the thought of a nice and hearty lunch.  But what do you do when you see that the menu for the day is nothing too exciting. There’s the same left-over dal from last night, a sabzi which is slightly bland and some rice. How would you react?

Picking up the phone and ordering in a pizza is an option, but what if we tell you that we have a pickle recipe that takes all of 30-40 minutes to put together. Yes, and that is how long your pizza will take to arrive anyway, so why not try your hand at this yummy pickle, which you can also store and use to spruce up your dinner as well, and some more meals in future. In this onion and garlic pickle, you would require a handful of basic and easily available ingredients.

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How To Make Onion And Garlic Pickle:

As you must have guessed by now, the star ingredients of this pickle are onion and garlic; both are renowned for their hot pungency and distinct bold flavour. To fire it up further, the two are combined with the goodness of mustard oil, chilly powder, kalonji and vinegar. But fret not, the achaar is not all things hot. A hint of saunf, methidana and kalonji helps make this pickle deliciously balanced.
Before starting with the process of pickle making, it would be a good idea to peel and blanch some onions in advance. While you are at it, also peel the garlic and keep it aside.

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Heat the oil and add the spices first, for instance, methi, chilli powder, kalonji and turmeric. Sautee it nicely and then add the onion and garlic. Increase the flame, stir fry over high heat until the onions and garlic are mixed well with oil. Now, add salt and vinegar and bring it to boil. And voila! You are done. Let it cool down and make sure you store the pickle in air-tight jars.

Here is the step-by-step recipe of onion and garlic pickle.  

Now, doesn’t that sound easy? What are you waiting for?! Try it at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.

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