Michelin-star restaurant Noma has opened its doors post lockdown in a new way.


  • Noma is counted among the World’s Best 50 restaurants
  • The restaurant had shut down in the Covid-19 epidemic
  • It has reopened as a burgers-only joint with two burgers on its menu

Whether we like it or not, the global Coronavirus epidemic has had a huge impact on our lives. Large public gatherings have largely been done away with, and sanitation and safety is key during these testing times. Restaurants have too been forced to change their modus operandi while keeping in mind stringent health conditions. Noma is one such high-end restaurant which was known for its costly meals and hours of waiting, but with the Covid-19 pandemic, the restaurant has done away with all that.

Copenhagen, Denmark is home to Noma, which is one of the most famous restaurants in the world. The fine-dining restaurant founded by Rene Redzepi has been awarded two Michelin stars and has won the title of ‘World’s Best Restaurant’ in the World’s Best 50 List on four separate occasions. During the Coronavirus epidemic, the restaurant had shut shop for a few months due to the global lockdown situation. It has now reopened as a burger-only affair with just two burgers on its menu.

Norma is an expensive dining affair, known for its innovative dishes such as potted plant desserts. A regular meal at Noma would easily cost upto $500 and many hours of waiting time too. With the Coronavirus epidemic, however, the restaurant has come down to much lower prices of just $23 per burger. The hours of waiting, however, can go upto three hours since the burgers are absolutely drool worthy and out of this world.

There are only two burgers on the menu – meat and veggie. The meat Noma cheeseburger is called the ‘Viking’. The burger has been priced much lower at about $23, and the cost is even lower at $19 if you wish to take the burger away instead of dining at the restaurant. Whether it’s the reasonable pricing or the fact that people had missed eating out – the Noma burgers are selling like hot cakes.

“We sold about 1,300 burgers in 4 hours. It was amazing,” said Noma founder Rene Redzepi in a video interview with Insider. He also said that the restaurant staff are working very hard to ensure that they maintain the quality of the food they serve. We’re doing everything we can to make people happy, and everybody stays safe,” said Redzepi. The burger bar will be open all through the month, till June 21st at least. And going by how well they are doing, the restaurant shows no signs of ending its burger stint any time soon.

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