A milkman came up with a unique solution to practice social distancing.


  • A milkman has come up with an interesting way to maintain distance
  • He has installed a long pipe with a funnel and a tap
  • The pipe helps customers get milk from a distance

In the wake of the Coronavirus global pandemic, people are practicing living with the disease and trying get on with their usual lives. The first and foremost method to combat the spread of Coronavirus is social distancing, which involves maintaining a distance of three to six feet with anyone. A milkman has come up with a unique way to ensure that the milk he delivers is contact-free and also forces customers to maintain the necessary distance. Take a look at the photo of the milkman:

The milkman came up with an interesting idea of attaching a thin pipe to the rear part of his bike. The pipe had a funnel at one end, and a dispensing tap at the other end. The milkman would simply pour the milk into the funnel while sitting on his bike, while the user could collect it in a vessel without having to venture too close to the contraption. This way, both the customers and the milkman himself would be able to practice social distancing without any hassle!

The internet applauded the milkman’s efforts, and like the idea of the awesome jugaad to maintain social distancing at all times. Some people called the idea ‘superb’ and also said ‘Indians are the best’ in the comments section. Take a look at the reactions:

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