• Moong dal is packed with protein and fibre
  • Moong dal is a versatile kitchen ingredient
  • It is very easy to use moong dal to make different snacks

The sound of rain is easily one of our most favourite sounds in the world. And the sweet smell of rain-soaked mud is another reason why we are so drawn to monsoons since childhood. In addition to our heightened senses towards the nature’s beauty, monsoon is also responsible for all kinds of fried food cravings. Pakoda and masala chai have been our go-to favourites since time immemorial. But what if we tell you that there are options galore to make these evenings all the more memorable? This monsoon, try experimenting with moong dal, and we assure you that the yellow lentil will surprise you yet again (as if we were not impressed already!).

Here are 5 Moong dal snacks that could brighten up your day:

1. Moong Dal Pakodi:

Also known as Ram Ladoo in Delhi, these bite-sized nibbles are crunchy, spongy and all things delectable. It is best enjoyed with the side of chutney and chaat masala.


2. Moong Dal Samosa:

People usually prefer to pair it with their evening cup of tea, but for us it is a perfect fried treat for anytime of the day. Triangular puff-pastries made with moong dal, filled with spicy potato filling, fried till crisp, this moong dal samosa spells indulgence.


3. Moong Dal Parcel:

You can call it a mighty moong dumpling as well. Fried parcels stuffed with a spicy mix of moong dal, onions, turmeric and chaat masala. Try making an extra batch of these, for we are sure everyone at your house is getting up for a second helping.

4. Moong Dal Kebabs:

Give your kebabs a novel vegetarian makeover with these recipes. Made with goodness of sprouted moong dal, sweet potato and besan, these kebabs are crispy and chunky. We’d suggest pairing it with some tangy pudina chutney would be a good idea.


5. Moong Dal Shorba

Definitely a monsoon staple you should not miss out on. Hot soups and this nippy weather go hand-in-hand. This lip-smacking treat made with moong dal and assorted Indian spices is sure to tug at your heart strings.

Make sure to serve all these recipes hot. Don’t  forget to tell us how you liked all of them in the comments section below.

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