Move Over <i>Barfi</i>, Try Lemon Coconut Squares For A Blissful End To Your Meal” title=”Move Over <i>Barfi</i>, Try Lemon Coconut Squares For A Blissful End To Your Meal” align=”left” border=”0″ style=”max-width: 650px;” class=””/></p>
<p class=Lemon coconut squares can be easily made at home with this recipe.


  • Barfi is a quintessential Indian dessert often a part of traditional fare
  • Rev up your regular barfi recipe with this delightful twist of lemon
  • Here’s an easy recipe for you to try which has coconut in it too

The quintessential barfi is one sweet which has been a part of the traditional Indian fare since times immemorial. There are a range of flavours incorporated in the dessert – from the popular festive kaju barfi to other varieties made with mango or fresh seasonal fruits. A generous mix of milk, khoya and dry fruits is what is generally constitutes a typical barfi. The lemon coconut square is a delicious and zesty dessert, which puts a modern spin to the traditional barfi recipe.

The recipe of lemon coconut squares is by Chef Ashish Juyal of The Westin Sohna, Gurgaon. There are two major parts to this simple and delicious recipe – first is the crust, and then the filling. The making of crust in this lemon coconut recipe gives it an exciting texture like never before. Further, lemon juice and peels add a burst of flavours to your palate – which is quite unlike any Indian dessert!

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72d45jaMake this delicious dessert for a blissful treat with a hint of coconut. 

The best part is that these zesty lemon coconut squares can be baked and stored for future use as well. The recipe we have here makes about thirty squares of 2-inch size. So, next time you want to try and make a new and innovative dessert which will bring a stellar finish to your Indian meal spread – we definitely recommend the lemon coconut squares!

Click here for the full recipe of lemon coconut squares. 

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