• The festival of Navratri is right here during which people observe fasts
  • Kuttu is one of the most popular imgredients during the fasting period
  • Here is a kuttu recipe that you can try at home

The festival of Navratri is here and is celebrated extravagantly across most northern Indian states. Navratri translates to ‘nine nights’ in Hindi. Out of the four Navratris that fall every year, this is the first one, Chaitra Navratri, which would start from 25th March 2020 and end on 2nd April 2020. With the mention of Navratri, the first thought that strike most of us would be what we can eat and what not during the fasting period. One of the most common foods that is consumed during this period is kuttu (or buckwheat).

A pseudo-cereal that is most commonly used as a coarse-ground flour to make puris and parathas during fasts, kuttu is high carbohydrate content due to which it is commonly used as a cereal. Besides that, kuttu is packed with health benefits that can make it a wonderful addition to our diet. It is also a super versatile ingredient that helps in cooking many delicious dishes such as parathas, purism pakodas and much more. But here we have a unique kuttu recipe that will be loved by not just you but even the kids!

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Kuttu is a pseudo-cereal that comes with many health benefits.

Kuttu atta pizza is a super fun, quick and easy recipe that you can try during the time of Navratri. In this recipe, kuttu flour, or buckwheat flour, has been used to prepare dough which is topped with a mouth-watering sauce made with rock salt, tomatoes and loads of cheese. It is then baked to a perfect crisp pizza that will be loved by kids and adults alike!

So it’s time to move over kuttu ki poori, paratha, pakoda or dosas and make a new dish with its wonder flour! Find the recipe of kuttu atta pizza here, try at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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