The multiple desi preparations we have with moong dal is just a vivid manifestation of our age-old love affair with the lentil. The moment you think you have tried every possible moong-based dish there can be, there comes another that takes you by surprise. Moong in its many avatars have fascinated scores of foodies, both home and abroad. The ones who like to cook would be able to understand this understated quality of moong that sits well with different kinds of preparations – be it is savoury or sweet. You know you can use moong dal to make a piping hot khichdi or a halwa, and you are always in for a treat. Moong dal halwa is a common dessert in every large gathering or buffet set-up, and we are sure you have tried your hands to make the indulgent dessert at home too; but have you ever tried making moong dal payasam?

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Payasam could be called a close cousin of kheer. A delish milk pudding from Kerala, payasam is typically made with milk, rice and sugar or jaggery. In this recipe, the rice is replaced with soaked moong dal. Ghee, cinnamom and cardamom help lend an inimitable richness to the delicacy. The recipe uses a combination of coconut milk and milk. If you do not have the former, you can just scale up the amount of regular milk. However, we’d recommend the combination of both for the nuanced flavour.


Moong dal preparations and its many avatars have fascinated scores of foodies

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Make sure you have soaked the dal before you get down to making the payasam. You do not need any fancy tools to make this payasam. A pan and spatula is all you need. Once you are heat ghee, cinnamon and green cardamom, add the soaked dal to the masala. Sautee for a minute and then blend everything together in a thick puree. Empty the blender with puree in a pan, add milk, cardamom and sugar, sautee again until you get your desired consistency and your moong dal payasam is ready. You can serve it hot or cold, garnish with dried fruits and nuts of your choice.

Here is the step-by-step recipe of moong dal payasam.
Try it at home and let us know how you like it.

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