• South Indian food comprises a wide variety of local, seasonal ingredients
  • Condiments help spruce up our meals
  • Hwre are six of our all-time favourite condiments

There are very few things that could cheer you up on a particularly bad day, and for us, a homely, comfort meal is definitely one of them. If the meal itself is not that good enough, we also know exactly what it takes to spruce it up. Our wide range of condiments ensures that we always have a memorable meal experience. South India, especially, has some super flavourful ones that we 10/10 recommend. From vegetables, fruits and seasonal greens to local spices and herbs, you can find a gamut of local produce in these condiments. Here are some of our personal favourites.

1. Coconut Chutney

You saw this coming, didn’t you? This grainy and soul-soothing chutney made with grated coconut, tempered with mustard seeds is mostly served with dosa, uttapam, idli, vada and a range of Udupi delicacies. An absolute crowd-pleaser, this coconut chutney is a hit among both kids and adults alike.

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South Indian Recipes: Coconut chutney is a popular recipe

2. Gongura Pachadi

This smashing pickle cum chutney from Guntur region, Andhra Pradesh is a sensational addition to any spread. Made with sorrel leaves and select spices, this part sour, part fiery pachadi has our heart.

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South Indian Recipes: Gongura pickle hails from Andhra Pradesh

3. Tomato Chutney

This feisty combination of tomatoes, mustard seeds, curry leaves, and chillies is all things flavourful and comforting. This thick chutney can liven up any fare. Try it yourself and you’d know what we are talking about.

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South Indian Recipes: Tomato chutney combines goodness of tomato and select spices.

4. Inji Puli

This lip-smacking sweet and sour ginger chutney from the state of Kerala is common fare in every quintessential Onam Sadya. Made with ginger, jaggery, tamarind and some hot spices, this lip-smacking combination can add that additional zing to your boring meals.


5. Mulagapodi

This powdered mix of red chillies, coconut and black gram. This popular South Indian condiment is also served with many popular delicacies like masala dosa, idli, upma et al. The intensely satisfying mix is super easy to put together at home too.


6. Pineapple Pachadi

Thus summery, sweet and chilli mix of coconut, pineapple, curd and red chillies is a delightful burst of flavours. You can pair a kit with just about any rice and curry.


Try these lovely condiments from the South and let us know if you could zero in on any favourites!

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