• Italy is expected to lift lockdown due to Coronavirus by June 1.
  • Italian restaurants have started preparing to welcome back the customers.
  • Many restaurants are fixing plexiglass to maintain social distancing.

The entire world is at its edge trying to fight and beat Coronavirus. Many countries are on its way to ease the months-long lockdown and end it in a phased manner. Preparations are already underway to bring back life as close to ‘normal’ as possible, even though it may not be the same too soon. Italy, which is one of the most affected countries, is taking extra precautions to do so. Italy has always been a hot tourist spot not just for its beautiful landscape but also for its world-famous cuisine. Eating good food has been the way of life there and the nation intends it be like this even after lifting the lockdown. The scores of restaurants and cafes lining up almost every street in Italy are not ready to shut business just yet. So, they are coming up with creative ideas and are all set to welcome customers post lockdown while adhering to the ‘social-distancing’ rules.

You must be wondering how these Italian restaurants, which used to be bustling not too long ago, will manage this. Plexiglass is the answer. One particular restaurant in Rome has already limited the seating arrangement to ‘only for two ‘ and are pitching plexiglass – in front of the counter, in between the tables and even on the tables. It will also be seen that no two persons sit close to each other and will be at least 2 mts apart. The restaurant used to house around 140 people at one point of time. But, now with reduced tables and staff members, the number is expected to be halved.

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The management of the restaurant explains that the process of fixing plexiglass is at the stage of testing, and they’ll wait for the final regulations released by the government on June 1, when the lockdown is expected to be lifted.

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