If you are a fan of all things creamy and irresistible, then you are in for a treat.


  • Paneer is also known as cottage cheese
  • Paneer is a good source of protein
  • Paneer is a very versatile ingredient

If we were to pick that one item in our kitchen that could help sort our lunch, breakfast and dinner plans, we would perhaps pick paneer. Not only is it easy to work with, you can also think of hundreds of dishes with paneer in mind, or tuck into it raw. India, more specifically North India, is obsessed with paneer. There is possibly no North Indian restaurant we know of that does not have a good number of paneer dishes up their menu. Punjab Grill’s – one of country’s biggest and most beloved North Indian restaurants – revealed the recipe of Khoya paneer with us, and we cannot be more excited to share with you all.

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If you are a fan of all things creamy and irresistible, then you are in for a treat. This Khoya paneer recipe not only exudes richness, but also balanced set of flavours. At no point do you feel one element is overpowering the other, and all of the ingredients used in the dish come together as a whole.
For the unversed, khoya (or mawa) is a thickened by product of milk that is used extensively to make our sweets rich and decadent. To make this khoya paneer, you would need some cashew nuts, paneer, desi ghee, khoya, curd, ginger, green cardamom, green chilli and coriander. As you can see, there is no use of cream in this recipe, which often times makes the dish very heavy on tummy. However, because of curd, khoya and cashew paste, the dish resembles every bit of the creamy paneer dish you are used too. The recipe also uses desi ghee instead of refined oil, it imparts a unique aroma and richness to the dish.

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Here is the complete recipe of khoya paneer, do try it at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.

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