<i>Punugulu</i> Recipe: The Crispy, Crunchy South Indian Tea-Time Snack That Has Our Heart

Punugulu is a snack from Andhra Pradesh

Soul-soothing and flavourful, south Indian food has fans across the country and abroad. The fact that you can have it pretty much all through the day, makes it even more appealing. Have you not used the left-over idli batter from breakfast to make some more for lunch? We certainly have, and the results only got better. If you dig deeper into the cuisine, you would find a range of south Indian snacks that may or may not have found their share of limelight, but in terms of taste and texture they are no less in comparison.

Punugulu is a crispy, bite-sized snack hailing from Andhra Pradesh. It is made from a regular idli or dosa batter and is a popular street food of the state. In this recipe onions, coriander leaves, yogurt, idli mixture are combined together to form a thick batter and deep fried till golden.

In looks and appearance, they may look like close cousins of pakoda and guess what they also make for a stellar tea-time snack just as pakodas do. But in texture and flavour they are slightly different from typical besan pakodas. The crispy treat can be served with a mélange of chutneys, from onion, coconut to tomato. You can just sprinkle some masala on top of these and tuck into it straight from the plate. Some people also like to dip it in sambhar.

Here is the step-by-step recipe of some yummy Punugulu.

Try it at home and let us know how you liked it.

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