Doi Chire recipe: The ones keeping a check on weight may avoid using sugar in the recipe


  • Poha is one of the most preferred breakfast foods across India
  • We bring you Bengali-style poha recipe- doi chire (dahi chiwda)
  • It is a one-pot meal consisting of flattened rice, yogurt, fruits

Poha (or chiwda) is one of the most preferred breakfast foods across India. It is wholesome, light on the stomach and has multiple recipes to its credit. In fact, every region has some unique poha recipe to offer. One such example is Bengali-style doi chire. For the unversed, ‘doi‘ is referred to as yogurt and ‘chire‘ in Bengali means flattened rice or chiwda. It is basically a sweet one-pot meal that defines comfort for several Bengalis. This recipe includes flattened rice, dahi, fruits and sugar and makes a filling dish to start the day with. This dish is also touted to be good for digestion and metabolism (courtesy: dahi and poha). However, unlike the flattened rice used for Maharashtrian poha recipe, doi chire includes a thin variety of rice flakes.

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Traditionally, doi chire is made with popular Bengali misti doi and batasha (sugar drop candies). But if you do not find these ingredients nearby, replace them with regular yogurt and sugar. The ones keeping a check on their weight may avoid sugar or use honey or coconut sugar as a substitute for white sugar.

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How To Make Bengali-Style Doi Chire | Bengali-Style Dahi Chiwda Recipe:


1 cup flattened rice (chiwda/poha)

1.5-2 cups yogurt (preferably, use misti doi if you get)

Sugar/coconut sugar/ honey as per taste

1 banana, sliced

A handful of nuts and raisins, chopped

Any fruit of your choice, to garnish


Step 1. Clean the flattened rice in running water and rinse the water completely through a sieve.

Step 2. Mix sugar/coconut sugar/honey with it. Traditionally, sugar drop candies (or as Bengalis call it ‘batasha‘) are used in the recipe to add some crunch.

Step 3. Now add yogurt to it and give everything a good mix. You may avoid adding any extra sugar, if you are using misti doi for the recipe.

Step 4. Add banana, nuts and raisins and give everything a final mix.

Step 5. Garnish with some fruits of your choice and serve. We prefer using mango, jackfruit or pomegranate in the recipe.

Whip up this mishmash today and give a healthy start to your day. And, do not forget to write back to us about how you like it.

Have a nice day!

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