Quick Recipe: How To Make Mini Soya Dosa For A Healthy, Guilt-Free Treat

This healthy mini soya dosa is made with soya milk and wheat flour!


  • Soya dosa is made with whole wheat flour and soy milk
  • The recipe makes for a healthy dish which is filling and nutritious
  • Make this healthy mini dosa for a quick evening snack

Hunger can strike at odd hours; this is why the quest for healthy snacks is always on. There are a number of options available these days for healthier packaged snacks. However, the taste of something homemade is truly different. Dosa is one South Indian recipe which is a hit favourite among all age groups. Flavourful rice batter is cooked till golden-brown and crispy, and is paired with spicy and delicious chutneys and piping hot sambhar. Dosa is quite versatile as a dish, and that’s why we have a delicious Mini Soya Dosa recipe for you to savour as a healthy snack.

Why Is Mini Soya Dosa Healthy?

There are many reasons why the Mini Soya Dosa is a healthy snack. Firstly, the use of soy milk in the recipe gives the whole recipe a much-needed boost of protein. This increases feeling of satiety and gives the body the vital nutrient used for bodybuilding and maintenance functions. Whole wheat flour is also known to have a great quantity of essential macronutrients such as protein and fibre as well as micronutrients such as Iron, Magnesium and Vitamin B. The recipe also uses minimal oil which makes it healthy and nutritious at the same time.

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How To Make Mini Soya Dosa | Mini Soya Dosa Recipe

Mini Soya Dosa recipe is a great way to snack in between meals. The dosa uses soy milk and whole wheat flour as the main ingredients – which is interesting because none of these two are used in the traditional dosa recipe. A few other simple ingredients such as green chilli, coriander and onion make this recipe really easy and quick to whip up. Simply mix all the ingredients together and pour it on a non-stick tawa to make a thin, crispy Dosa with it. The dish tastes best with garlic-tomato chutney, or anything you’d like to pair it with! You can also add Soya granules or soya chunks to the Mini Soya Dosa to give it an extra boost of protein.

Thus, the next time that hunger pangs strike you at odd hours, simply whip up this quick and easy Mini soya dosa to satiate your cravings. This dish will surely become a regular on your evening snack list!

Click here for the step-by-step recipe of Mini Soya Dosa.

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