Refresh Your Senses With Delightful 'Mango Mastani' Drink From Pune

Mango Mastani Recipe: This mango-based creamy drink is a delight for summer.


  • Mango lovers rejoice for this unexplored mango drink from Pune
  • The thick, creamy mango milkshake is topped with ice cream and nuts
  • Try this delightful recipe to rejuvenate in hot summer months

Mango is the ultimate delight to savour in the hot summer months. The best thing about mango is that it tastes wonderful in any form – whether it is had raw as whole fruit, as a delectable dessert or even as a refreshing drink. There’s something about the fruit’s juicy texture and overly sweet flavour that we just can’t get enough of. If you’re a mango-lover too, then this Mango Mastani recipe is the perfect drink for you to enjoy in the sweltering hot summer months!

Made with fresh mango pulp, creamy milk and vanilla ice cream – the Mango Mastani is a satisfying affair by itself. It is similar to a thick, pulpy and creamy mango milkshake, however, the main difference is that it is topped with vanilla ice cream, chopped dry fruits and some interesting spices. The Mango Mastani may seem familiar to a dessert, however, Pune people vehemently advise against calling it an ice-cream.

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mango shakeMango Mastani is a rich, dense milkshake topped with spices and nuts. 

Mango Mastani is said to have originated in Pune, Maharashtra. The city is known to be one of the many homes to the world-famous Alphonso mangoes. According to legends, the name ‘Mango Mastani’ stems from the warrior princess Mastani’s name who had floored the Peshwa king Bajirao with her beauty. The name ‘Mastani’ in fact isn’t limited to mango alone; there are a number of fruit ‘Mastanis’ that can be savoured in Pune such as chocolate, rose, pineapple or even kesar-pista.

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