• Sattu is a flour-like mixture made with channa
  • Sattu is rich in protein
  • Sattu ka paratha is a delicious Bihari delicacy

The region of Bihar is renowned for its culinary history going back more than a thousand years. Bihar’s gastronomy, in fact, is a melting pot of many influences, but what manages to strike a chord with us each time is the use of local grains, pulses and produce. And the uncomplicated way in which they marry the flavours make every dish so delicious and wholesome at the same time. If you are even remotely privy with Bihari cuisine, you must have tried or heard about Sattu. The ancient Indian flour-like mixture could be used to make drink (sherbet), paratha and variety of snacks. Sattu, which has now become a global rage, has been an intrinsic kitchen essential of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and even parts of  Bengal. While the flour is easily available in market now, it is traditionally made by roasting chana, and grinding it in to a powder form. It can be mixed with other superfoods like wheat, barley and jowar. Sattu sherbet, which is essentially just sattu ghol mixed with water, is a famous summer cooler. In intense heat, a glass of sattu sherbet could instantly uplift your dropping energy levels. It also cools and calms your body.

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But there’s more to sattu than the sherbet. Sattu is enriched with protein and fibre — both may do wonders for weight management, diabetes management and heart health. Another very popular delicacy of Bihar is sattu ka paratha. This high-protein paratha is widely consumed during breakfast and is cooked in ghee. It is crispier than your usual atta or maida ka paratha and has a distinct taste too. You can pair it with achaar, chokha or any sabzi. But one of the blockbuster combibation is that of sattu paratha and baingan ka bharta. Baingan ka bharta as you all would know is an eggplant delicacy, wherein it is first roasted and then mashed with a pool of hot spices, onions and chillies. In addition to baigan ka bharta, you can also include a bowlful of curd. In this sweltering heat, curd helps cool down the body and is light on tummy.

Here is a step-by-step recipe of Sattu Paratha and Baingan Bharta. Try using mustard oil for baingan ka bharta for best effect.

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