This clever seagull shoplifted its way into a supermarket.


  • A video of a clever seagull became all the rage on Twitter
  • The seagull was seen shoplifting a bag of chips
  • His skill and accuracy vowed netizens on the internet

Scientists and researchers have often said that animals have a consciousness of their own. Their own way of communicating and comprehending the world around them is a vast area which we humans are unaware of. There are a number of animal videos on social media which prove that they may not just be intelligent but also have an understanding of human behaviour. A recent video which was shared on Twitter proves this theory to be true. The video featured a seagull who stealthily attempted to grab some snacks from the local supermarket. The results were surprisingly hilarious! Take a look at the video:

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The video was shared on Twitter by user @ziyatong. In the video, the seagull first entered the shop with an air of innocence, darting glances all around to check for humans. Then it crept up slowly to the closest aisle which had chips neatly stacked in a pile. It grabbed the packet of chips with its beak and ran as quickly as possible to avoid getting caught.

The seagull’s surprisingly intelligent antics won over social media. Netizens couldn’t stop rolling with mirth at how quickly the seagull rushed out of the store. The video went viral on Twitter garnering over 5.7 million views and counting. It also received over 422k likes and 104k comments. Take a look at some of the hilarious responses to the video:

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