Chicken korma with coconut milk is an excellent South Indian dish for lockdown cooking.


  • Chicken korma is a delicious, rich dish made with yogurt gravy.
  • This South Indian-style chicken korma adds creamy coconut milk.
  • Here’s an easy recipe to make creamy South-Indian chicken korma.

Non-vegetarians love their chicken in any form. Give them butter chicken, chicken tikka or chicken momos, and they’ll be happy. You must have tried all of these and more such recipes during the lockdown, since you can’t go out to a restaurant or are avoiding ordering in. Here’s another chicken delight that you should not miss. Put South Indian chicken korma in your next to-cook list. It’s easy to make and you’ll love the typical South Indian flavours mixed with your favourite chicken.

Korma is a dense and luscious gravy cooked with a generous amount of spices with yogurt (beaten curd), which can be combined with cashews, almonds or other foods that can be transformed into a creamy paste. This South Indian-style chicken korma takes the essence of the traditional korma by using yogurt and a range of Indian spices, and adds elements from down south, including coconut milk and spice of mustard seeds.

The combination of coconut milk and yogurt produces a finger-licking, velvety base for the dish and all those flavourful spices make it even better. You have to first marinate chicken breast pieces in yogurt and spices, and then cook with onion paste (onions and green chillies) and spices like mustard seeds, coriander seeds, cinnamon sticks, ginger paste, garlic paste and more such common spices. Coconut milk is added to lend the dish a milky touch.

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Coconut milk naturally has a thick, rich and creamy texture.

Coconut milk is derived from white flesh of mature coconuts from the coconut trees. Coconut milk naturally has a thick, rich and creamy texture, which enhances any dish it is added to. North Indian-style korma recipes normally use cashews paste or almonds paste, or both, to make the gravy. Since, we are making this chicken korma South Indian-style, it’s only apt we replace the paste with coconut milk, which fits right in.

Try to cook this chicken dish in coconut oil as it helps in bringing out the true South Indian flavours of the dish. Apart from that, it makes chicken korma taste and feel richer along with providing its own health benefits.

Try making this chicken korma at home and make this lockdown a bit more fun with amazing, restaurant-like South Indian food. Let us know how you like it in the comments section below.

Bon Appetite!

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