• Stainless steel plates are functional for everyday use
  • However, many people are starting to use ceramic plates
  • A Twitter thread discussed the same subject on social media

Whether food tastes good or not is a different thing – but in today’s times, food should definitely look good. With an increased focus on aesthetically-pleasing dishes and Insta-worthy food plating, beautiful tableware has been adopted even into our daily lives. However, this is not the case for many others who still keep their ceramic and fancy utensils for special occasions only. Most people still prefer to use steel plates for everyday use due to the relative ease of handling. This was the subject of a recent thread on Twitter by a user, who said that some people were bothered by the use of steel plates in her photographs. Take a look at the tweet:

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Steel plates have been in use for everyday eating since times immemorial. The ease of cleaning it up has made it the go-to crockery for daily dining. Further, steel is a material which does not break and thus is less bothersome when it comes to handling it.

The Twitter user wanted to know if steel plates are now redundant or does everyone still use them. Netizens reacted to the post, saying that steel plates are irreplaceable in terms of their multiple useful functions. A few others also said that the switch from steel plates to fancy tableware was due to increased demands for better pictures of food. However, that too was contradicted by another user who shared some delicious looking dishes plated in steel tableware. Take a look at the reactions:

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What do you use for your regular meals – steel plates or ceramic, plastic or glass? Tell us in the comments below!

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