• Tawa burger is a popular street food
  • It is very easy to make tawa burger at home
  • You do not even need to make a tikki for this

Ever wondered how the ever-so bustling streets of India would look like without food. The large tawas lined with pao, bhaji, tikki, the gol gappa counters, the chole bhature stalls, the big momo steamers? We certainly cannot imagine the dreaded sight, and while we cannot always hit the streets to satisfy our cravings, we can still attempt recreating some of the street-style magic at home.

Tawa burger is a street-food sensation, especially up North. There is not a single part of the snack that is not decadent. The greasy good burger usually has three components, a fried tikki or patty, buttery buns and veggies like onions that are slide in between the golden-brown buns. But this Tawa burger recipe by food vlogger Parul does not even require you to make tikkis; all you need are some finely chopped vegetables like carrots, capsicum, onions ginger, garlic, sautéed together in a pool of butter, hot spices and herbs like coriander, and some buns. Nowadays, you can easily get buns in any of your local shops that sell eggs and breads. You just need to toast them on tawa or a griddle, and then take one bun, place a layer of vegetable mix on top and then throw in another bun and your tawa burger is ready!  

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Sounds easy right? So what are you waiting for! Here’s the step-by-step recipe video we found on ‘Cook With Parul’ YouTube Channel. Try it and let us know!

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