Ghevar recipe with mango flavour is perfect for Teej and Rakhi.


  • Ghevar is a popular Indian sweet available during monsoons.
  • Make mango ghevar for a unique sweet treat for Teej 2020.
  • Here is an easy recipe to help you make it at home.

Rains are not the only thing that gives us joy at the onset of monsoons, the festive vibe also starts filling the air around us and there is no better food than ghevar to celebrate this beautiful season with. Ghevar is one of the most delicious traditional Indian sweets but is also short-lived for just a couple of months. So, it’s only natural that all Indian households hog on this mithai as long as it lasts. Teej 2020 is the perfect festival to kick-off the ghevar season.

While we are glad to welcome ghevar and the new season produce, we are not quite ready to bid adieu to our favourite summer fruit – mango. So, we thought of combining our love for the two foods and tried mango ghevar, which stunned us with its unique flavour and irresistible deliciousness. Are you also curious how mango ghevar tastes like? Then, make the ghevar at home with this easy recipe.

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Ghevar is a popular Indian sweet available during monsoons. 

Mango Ghevar Recipe –

(Makes – 2 medium-sized ghevar)

Ingredients –

For ghevar –

2 cups all-purpose flour

4 tbsp ghee

4-5 ice cubes

Half cup milk

Half cup water (approx.)

Ghee for frying

For sugar syrup –

1 cup water

Half cup sugar

Half tsp cardamom (elaichi) powder

For mango dressing –

1 cup mango pulp

Half cup condensed milk

Dry fruits for garnishing

Method –

1. Take ghee in a bowl. Add ice cubes and mix ghee and ice cubes till ice melts and ghee turns white in colour.

2. Add milk and flour and mix thoroughly. Then, add water and whisk to make thick but smooth batter.

3. Take a round heavy bottomed vessel of medium size or of the size you want your ghevar to be. Fill it half-way with ghee and let it boil.

4. Pour half a glass of batter in the boiling ghee, once its foam settles, pour more batter till a round disc forms. Let it turn crispy brown and remove it. Likewise, make another ghevar.

5. Now make sugar syrup by boiling sugar and cardamom powder in water. Pour the sugar syrup all over the ghevar.

6. Now, mix condensed milk (you can also make condensed milk or rabri at home with this recipe) and mango pulp to get smooth paste. Spread it over the ghevar in circles. Garnish with dry fruits and serve.

Enjoy the festive season with the monsoon-special ghevar with the summer goodness of mangoes.

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