Working at a bakery was a challenge, but it was worth the experience. The job was one of the hardest ones I had as a youth, but it taught me some valuable life lessons. I remember how much of a challenge it was to wake up early in the morning, before everyone else was awake. I had never realized that the baker at a bakery has to be awake before everyone else gets up. Coffee isn’t the only thing people want when they first wake up in the morning; people like to have a bagel to go with their caffeinated beverage as well. The role of a baker is a valuable role in the community.

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My time working at the bakery was brief, but I surely learned a great deal about how baked goods are prepared. I learned about how to make bagels and pastries. I even learned how to make more exquisite items, like poppy seed hot dog buns. The hot dog buns were for lunch items, of course. When lunchtime came around, the line would extend around the counter. Sometimes people would be lined up all the way to the door. My shift ended around lunch time, so I had the pleasure of passing by all the people who were there on a break from their job. 

The baker who trained me had a great deal of pride in what she did for a living. She made sure all the ovens were working properly, and she cleaned them when anything would burn. I remember how obsessed she was over making sure everything was sanitary in the bakery. It was a good feeling to work with her, knowing that someone cares about their job. She was also great with the customers. Every morning she would talk to the same people who came in each day.

Ever since I stopped working at that bakery I have wanted to get back into working at another similar establishment, but I haven’t found the right place. I stopped working there when I moved from that city. I really enjoy having a part to play in the community. It’s an empowering feeling to wake up in the morning and know that your job is valuable in your community. There were days when I was late to work at the bakery, and I remember how sad the customers seemed when there just weren’t any bagels available. 

If you visit a bakery in your own town, be sure to make friends with the baker. They have a hard job. Getting there before everyone else is awake takes commitment. It can be lonely to be the only person working in a kitchen, so it really helps brighten their day if you say hello. Some bakers dedicate their entire lives to the craft, taking classes and reading about the profession. It is a noble profession when taken seriously. Try baking something at home by scratch and you’ll see what I mean. Just following a simple recipe takes discipline.

By Papa