Chai and samosas often go hand in hand, especially on those evenings when just a cup of chai is not enough no matter how kadak it is. The complementary pair has found fans across the nation and has been an intrinsic part of many memorable moments. Samosa is essentially a fried puff pastry, stuffed with an aloo or keema filling. It is usually made with refined flour or maida base, but these mini samosas are made with atta and in terms of crispness, it can give many maida samosas a run for their money.  

Take a vessel and add some atta. To make it crispy, add some sooji, some salt, ajwain, oil and some warm water. Mix everything well and make a nice stretchy dough. Using lukewarm water is important for sooji to fluff up. The crispiness of this samosa is bound to take you by surprise.  

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Now for the stuffing, heat some oil, and then add some jeera, hing, grated ginger and green chillies. Sautee on low-medium flame. Then add some peas (this step is optional). Next in line would be haldi or turmeric, and then goes the star-ingredient- boiled, mashed potatoes and hot spices like red chilli powder, amchur powder, jeera powder kala namak et al. Mix everything well and your stuffing is ready. 

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Start pulling out small units from the dough you had kept aside and roll them flat, fill with the stuffing and mould them in the shape of samosas. Fry them till they are done, if you are not a fan of deep-fried snacks, you can air fry or bake them too.  

Here is the full recipe posted on the YouTube Channel ‘Cook With Parul’ :

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