Tomato Soup For Weight Loss: It makes for a wholesome dinner when paired with bread


  • A bowl of soup may promote weight loss
  • Here, we bring you one such healthy and tasty recipe- classic tomato soup
  • This recipe includes three simple ingredients – tomatoes, garlic and ghee

There’s something about a comforting bowl of soup that makes up for the laziest or the busiest of the days. It is easy, soul-soothing and nurtures you from within. All you need to do is, throw in some vegetables, spices and herbs together and prepare a delectable concoction in just a few minutes. A bowl of soup also provides our body with several healthy nutrients and helps shedding those extra kilos. Hence, it is often recommended by global health experts as a part of weight loss diet plan. The best part is, soup offers enough room for experimentation and provides a variety of flavours to the taste-buds.

Here, we bring you one such healthy and tasty recipe of classic tomato soup that needs just three simple ingredients for preparation – tomatoes, garlic and a dash of ghee.

But before we dive into the recipe, let’s find out the benefits of tomato:

  • Tomato includes just 18 calories per 100-gram (as per the USDA), making it an ideal food for any calorie-restricted diet.
  • It is loaded with fibre and antioxidants that induce the feeling of fullness and boosts metabolism. Both of these properties are important for accelerating weight loss.
  • Tomato helps in the production of amino acid called Carnitine, which is dubbed to enhance body’s fat burning abilities.

Alongside, the inclusion of garlic and ghee makes the soup digestion-friendly, immune-boosting and a good source of energy for overall health.

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How To Make 3-Ingredient Tomato Soup | 3-Ingredient Tomato Soup Recipe:


2 large tomatoes

10-12 cloves of garlic

1 teaspoon Ghee/white butter

Seasonings to garnish, as per taste (optional)


Step 1. Roast the tomatoes and 7-8 cloves of garlic on gas-top. Continue roasting till the outer skin of the tomato is burnt well.

Step 2. De-skin the tomatoes and add it to a blender. Peel and add the burnt garlic too. Blend them together to form a smooth paste.

Step 3. Heat ghee/white butter in a deep bottom pan. Chop the rest of the garlic and add to the pan.

Step 4. Fry the garlic till its golden brown in colour and add the tomato-garlic paste in it.

Step 5. Simmer it on low flame for a couple of minutes and serve hot with seasonings of your choice (usually, salt and black pepper).


You may boil the tomatoes and garlic, instead of burning them.

If you are someone who likes the flavour of burnt garlic, you may add some to the soup, while garnishing it.

Pro-Tip: This classic tomato soup makes for a wholesome dinner when paired with two slices of toasted brown/atta/multi-grain bread.

Eat healthy, stay safe!

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