• Biryani can be of many kinds
  • Kala chana is a protein-rich legume
  • Kala chana biryani could liven up your dinner spread

From chicken, mutton to prawn, we love biryani so much that we can have just about any variety of the dish. However, more often than not, the moment we mention biryani, we are thinking of all the meaty versions and seldom do we take into account the vegetarian counterparts of the dish. As more and more people are cutting down on meat, the F&B world is experimenting with a range of vegetarian delights. Biryani too is getting interesting vegetarian makeovers. From Paneer biryani to Kathal biryani, there are options galore. If you are trying to make your dinner an interesting affair in times of quarantine, this kala chana biryani could interest you a bit. We mostly like to pair kala chana with puri, or we like to have it in curried form and have it with rice. This novel recipe is sure to tug at your heartstrings for its distinct flavours and textures.

Kala Chana Biryani Recipe:

With the nationwide lockdown upon us, a lot of us are turning towards home-cooked food. Therefore, it is a good idea to reinvent your cooking from time to time to make sure you are not bored. This kala chana biryani does not take that long to cook. It is rich and robust but also has a creamy quality about it that will compel you to lick your plates clean. The rice is interspersed with a range of aromatic spices and yogurt that makes the whole affair a lot more dense and decadent. The boiled kala chana or the black gram lends an incredible texture to the dish.

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Kala chana is a good source of protein

Health Benefits Of Kala Chana:

Kala chana happens to be enriched with protein and fibre. While protein aids weight loss and muscle growth, fibre on the other hand helps boost digestion. Fibre also helps induce satiety, because it takes a while to digest fibres. If you wish to make this dish a wee bit healthier, you could perhaps cut down on cream and cashews. They are known to be weight-inducing. However, they are not that harmful if consumed in moderate quantities.

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Kala Chana biryani is pretty complete in itself. However, you could serve it with raita, papad and salad. A freshly made kachumbar salad of cucumber, tomatoes and coriander leaves would add a delightful crunch to the fare.
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