• Chana is a good source of protein
  • Protein is also called the building block of life
  • Khatte chane are very easy to make

If there’s one quality of Indian cuisine that we truly adore is how we can never stop experimenting with a range of foods and recipes. There are umpteen ways in which we can use basic ingredients and create a whole new dish altogether. If that’s not magic, we don’t know what is. Take chana for instance, the protein-rich legume is a name to reckon with in the world of health and nutrition. Fitness enthusiasts cannot stop gushing about its nutritional benefits and, thus, you often find it making occasional cameos in salads, protein bowls etc. At the same time, chana is also quite a staple in regular vegetarian spreads (think: chole bhature, pindi chane, masala chana et al).

Chana’s versatility has inspired countless chefs over generations to come up with new and innovative recipes. This khatte chane recipe is one fine example. A welcome departure from hot and greasy chana preparations, these khatte chane have a lip-smacking, tangy quality that will force you to get up for that second helping. The fact that it is so easy to prepare is another reason why we adore this recipe so much. You can prepare khatte chane with a handful of easily-available ingredients in your pantry and serve it for dinner, breakfast or lunch. It goes best with kulcha, naan and paratha. If you are not a fan of breads, you can also pair it with steaming hot rice.

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It is a good idea to soak the kabuli chana overnight. A thick paste of imly is what imparts a delectable tangy taste to this delicacy; you can either get that from market or make it at home by soaking 20 grams of tamarind in water. Remove the pulp, blend until smooth with water.

Rest of the ingredients are very common, you perhaps use it in almost every dish here and there.

Here’s the complete recipe of khatte chane. Try making it at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments below.

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