This Owl cafe in Russia has become an internet sensation.


  • If you love pet cafes, this cafe in Russia is a unique one you must visit
  • It has owls instead of dogs or cats as companions to visitors
  • Take a look at what goes on inside the cafe

The experience of dining in a restaurant or a cafe is as important as the food served in it. There are a number of interesting cafes all over the world that offer unique experiences to their patrons. Cat cafes and dog cafes have become relatively popular in various countries, so the concept of dining with pets isn’t a new one. However, the latest idea of a cafe with owls as pets is something that has become an overnight internet sensation.

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Owl House is a cafe in Moscow, Russia, which has perfected the unique idea of having owls as pets in their cafe. The pet owls in the cafe have been trained to communicate with human visitors, and thus, are perfect to conduct a friendly conversation or make for a lively companion to your regular cafe visit. You can also feed them food or get clicked with them at an extra cost. The Owl House cafe works on the ‘Anti-Cafe’ format, which means that drinks and snacks are on the house and you only have to pay a fixed amount for the duration of your visit. There are several ground rules that the cafe has mentioned on their website, such as prohibition of loud noise and flashes.

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The Russian owl cafe is becoming a hit not just because of its novel idea, but also because of the cultural references associated with the owl. The bird of wisdom occupies a significant place in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books. Thus, for fans of the fiction series, the Owl cafe has become an irreplaceable item on the travel bucket list!

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