TikTok User's Quick Cooking Hack For Chicken Is Making The Internet Go Gaga

This TikTok user’s cooking hack is winning the internet.


  • The cooking process of a chicken breast can often get tedious
  • A TikTok user shared an easy hack to remove the tenderloin from it
  • The hack was deemed life-changing by many users on the app

The love for chicken dishes is truly unparalleled for many. Whether it is in the form of a crispy chicken appetiser, a sumptuous chicken gravy, or even a chicken salad – there is no other meat that chicken can replace. A problem that many chefs face while cooking with chicken breasts is the tough white tenderloin bit of it. This portion is found underneath the chicken breast, and though it doesn’t cause any hindrance, it is best avoided and removed prior to cooking. The removal of the white tendon makes the texture of the chicken breast seamless and smooth.

A TikTok user came up with a super-quick and easy hack to remove the white tendon from the chicken breast in no time. Take a look at the hack that she shared:


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The TikTok user who goes by the name @raising_krazies shared the video on the application. She demonstrated the hack, and then exclaimed about how simple it was. “You can pull the whole thing out! Did anybody else know this? Literally thought this was the coolest thing ever,” she said in the video. The video has got over 3 million views on TikTok and counting. Users poured in their comments, thanking her for the life-changing hack that would save time and prevent wastage. Others admitted that they didn’t buy the tenderloin pieces simply because the removal of the white tendon was a task.

The hack had her holding the white tendon that was sticking out with the help of the fork. Once the tendon was in the middle of the fork, she simply used a kitchen towel to grab it and pull it all apart in a single move. The struggle to cut out the tendon is completely obliterated with one simple trick. There is no need to worry about wasting that portion of the tenderloin and the meat that’s with it. So get cooking all your chicken dishes right away, in the right way!

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