• Dalgona coffee is the recent talk of the town
  • It is a frothy mixture of coffee, sugar and warm water
  • Dalgona chia pudding can take you ahead in the game

What comes to your mind when we say Dalgona Coffee? Surely visuals of a frothy mixture will pop up in your mind. Yes, dalgona coffee has been the talk of the town since sometime. It is basically a mixture of coffee, sugar and warm water which is whisked well to form a creamy-frothy coffee mix, and is enjoyed with chilled milk. More than its taste, people went gaga over its foam-like texture. For the unversed, it is said that the name Dalgona has its origin in South Korea where there is a toffee by the same name.

Several bloggers, YouTubers, celebrities and coffee addicts around the globe tried their hands on making this coffee. Hence, to up your game, we bring you a recipe that will give an insta-worthy twist to the regular Dalgona coffee. It is called Dalgona chia pudding.

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We all are aware of the popularity of both Dalgona coffee and chia pudding. So, the idea here is to mix two very popular dishes to make a unique dish that will not only taste good, but also take you a step ahead in the game. So try it!

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Here’s The Recipe of Dalgona Chia Pudding:

Serves: one


Instant coffee- 2 tbsp

Sugar/ jaggery powder- 2 tbsp

Hot water- 2 tbsp

Milk- half glass

Chia seeds- 2 tbsp

Almonds- 1 tbsp (sliced)

Cocoa powder- 1 tsp



Take the milk in an airtight glass bowl.

Add chia seeds to the milk and stir with fork so that no lump is formed.

Close the lid and refrigerate overnight.

Now, take a bowl, add coffee, hot water and sugar/jaggery powder and whisk. Use hand-mixer and whisk till it turns thick and frothy.

Now take the chia pudding bowl out and add the coffee mix on the top.

Garnish with almond slices and cocoa powder.

Try this Dalgona chia pudding at home and let us know your feedback.

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