Rihanna’s outfits have been compared to Indian food items in this viral thread.


  • A Twitter thread compared Rihanna’s fashion with Indian food
  • The thread soon went viral on the platform
  • Take a look at some of the best comparisons

We often see celebrities donning various offbeat and intriguing outfits for a number of global events, whether at the Met Gala or the Cannes Film Festival. These looks are compared by netizens, linking the eccentric fashion numbers to cartoon characters or even regular household items. But in the times of lockdown, since none of these events are happening – netizens found their own way of having fun with bizarre fashion. A thread on Twitter has taken popular singer Rihanna’s outfits over the years and compared it to delicious Indian food items. Foodies rejoiced as the thread went viral on the micro-blogging website. Take a look at some of the viral tweets:

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The thread began with a comparison of Rihanna with the much-loved snack Tandoori Chicken. Several other tweets had Rihanna being put at par with popular street-food items such as Kaju Katli, masala Chai, Rose sherbet and even besan laddoo! The Twitter thread by a handle @Deepraaajjj soon took the internet by storm, garnering over 110K likes and 28k retweets.

The comparisons were completely accurate and right on point, thus striking a chord with thousands of Twitter users. The fact that Rihanna’s outfits bore an uncanny similarity to the most-loved and favourite Indian dishes was the icing on the cake. Twitterati poured in reactions thanking the creator for making this amazing thread and making the Internet a better place. Take a look at some reactions:

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