Viral Baking Hack: How To Soften Butter From Fridge Without Melting

Viral Baking Hack: Here’s how to soften butter straight out of the refrigerator.


  • TikTok user came up with an interesting hack to soften butter
  • This is especially helpful when the butter is straight from the fridge
  • Try this ingenious hack on your next baking expedition

Baking is one of the simplest forms of cooking that even amateur cooks can try. All you need to do is simply sieve the dry ingredients, mix the wet ones and pop everything in the oven to bake. However, only experienced chefs know the amount of precision and finesse that each preparation demands. One commonly experienced problem by bakers is that butter is often hard in texture due to being refrigerated, and therefore is tough to work with. Butter is used in a number of dishes, and this viral baking hack has found a way out of this dilemma. Take a look:


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Softening butter by melting it with the use of any form of heat is a commonly used technique in baking. However, this hack needed no heat at all. The video was shared on TikTok by a user who goes by the handle @mengels.

All that she did in the video was that she took the hard butter straight from the fridge and grated it into a bowl. The resultant butter was of a similar texture, but due to its new shape it automatically became easier to work with. The grated butter would easily mix with flour, sugar or any other ingredient that you need it to.

The video gained over 200k views on the video-sharing application and hundreds of excited comments and reactions from viewers. They loved how this genius hack made the process of baking a whole lot easier. So, what are you waiting for? Try this amazing baking hack to make your favourite brownies, cookies and cakes, and tell us how the results turned out!

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