This viral hack can help you make garlic bread easily.


  • This viral video shares a genius hack to make garlic bread.
  • You can make garlic bread along with chicken you have to pair it with.
  • Watch the viral video to see exactly how to go about it.

A simple side dish of garlic bread can be used to liven up so many different meals. Pair it with pasta or chicken steak, or grilled veggies or just have as is – its uses are many. If you are a fan of garlic bread, this brilliant hack of making garlic bread will be of great use to you, but not before impressing you. A home-chef came out with a trick to make chicken Kiev and making garlic bread at the same time with the same ingredients, and no points for guessing, the hack video went viral.

Chicken Kiev, if you don’t know already, is a simple dish made with chicken breast or boneless chicken fillet doused in garlic butter, and coated with eggs and breadcrumbs and then baked or grilled or fried. If you have ever made it, you would know how much garlic butter goes to waste when it drips down from the chicken while baking or grilling in the oven.

A Twitter user belted out a clever idea of placing the chicken atop bread slices that will absorb the leaking garlic butter and will bake along with the chicken to turn into garlic bread. Bonus – Use the same garlic bread to pair with the chicken Kiev. Pure genius!

Twitter user @nefyn92 posted the video and wrote – “Lifehack – put the bread under Kievs to capture garlic butter leakage and make garlic bread.”

The viral video got more than 23k likes and attracted more than 3k comments like – “This is more than the scientists have achieved in 20 years of CERN and I’m so so proud of you”, “life-changing tip”, “I can’t get over how amazing this is.” and “If the Nobel prize is given to someone who brought world peace and not you, it’ll be a travesty (sic).”

Some users even came forth with their hacks – “Putting cheese on the bread too, to make it even more of a treat,” and “I do the chips in the same tray as the Kievs, and get buttery garlic chips.”

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