Want To Reheat Leftover Pizza? Dominos Australia Shares An Ingenious Hack

Reheat your leftover pizza in a microwave with this simple hack.


  • Reheating leftover pizza can often be a daunting task
  • This easy hack by Dominos Australia retains the crisp texture
  • All you need for this hack is a glass of water and a microwave

There’s a certain kind of love for freshly baked pizza straight out of the oven, topped with melted cheese and crushed oregano. And then there’s another special place for leftover pizza from the previous day. Although the cheese gets hardened and the sauce doesn’t taste as fresh – there’s something about leftover pizza that makes it taste so good. If you love your leftover pizza too, Dominos Australia has shared a hack which is an absolutely genius way to reheat the leftover pizza slices without them getting soggy or coarse.

The hack is so simple and so convenient, and the results are surprisingly close to the taste of an original pizza slice. All you have to do, according to Dominos Australia, is just pop your pizza into the microwave with a glass of water for 30 seconds. These are the only two things needed in the hack. The resulting pizza slice will taste hot and crispy, and the texture of the base will also stay intact.

This technique of heating up a pizza slice after it has already been cooked actually stems from the very scientific principle behind a microwave’s heating process. The microwave releases waves that warm up the water in your food first. It is by agitating these tiny water molecules enough to generate heat is how your food heats up in the first place. Thus, by placing a glass of water with the pizza slice, the water heated up gives the pizza an even heating that retains its original texture.

Dominos Australia has been doing a series of hacks on their Instagram handle to reheat pizza slices with a toaster and even a waffle iron. They tried making some delicious innovations with pizza, such as putting together two slices into a grill. They shared the video on Instagram calling it their ‘most recommended method yet’. Take a look:

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