Busy and eventful mornings are no secret to the world. It is that time of the day when we don’t have the luxury of spending hours in kitchen. Instead, we resort to simple food options that are wholesome and can be put together in a few minutes. One such popular morning meal choice is sandwich. A good sandwich is one of the topmost comfort foods for all, and can be made with anything you have at home. All you need to do is, throw in whatever you want as a filling between two bread slices and indulge to your heart’s content. From leftover sabzi to chicken to different spreads, you get the liberty to add anything and everything to a sandwich recipe.

We bring you the classic veg mayonnaise sandwich that can satiate your hunger anytime of the day, that too in a blink of an eye. It is quick, simple and filling to the core. This recipe, shared by vlogger Reshu on her YouTube Channel ‘Cooking With Reshu’, demonstrates two easy methods of preparing a veg mayonnaise sandwich in less than 30 minutes. Let’s take a look!

Here’s The Recipe Video For Classic Veg Mayonnaise Sandwich – 2 Methods:

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In this recipe, Reshu used vegetables like onion, cabbage, capsicum, tomato and carrot. You can either finely chop the veggies or shred them before mixing with mayonnaise, salt, chilli flakes and black pepper for the filling.

Now, in the first method, you just have to spread tomato ketchup on two slices of bread and a generous amount of filling. Press the two slices together and your sandwich is ready to relish.

In the second method, Reshu adds some finely chopped mozzarella cheese to the filling. However, you can add any kind of cheese available at home including processed cheese or even pizza cheese. Prepare the sandwich as per the first method and toast it on the tawa with some butter or ghee. This will give a crispy golden-brown texture to the creamy-cheesy sandwich.

If you are already slurping, then wear your chef’s hat and prepare a yummy veg mayonnaise sandwich for yourself today. Enjoy your meal!

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