There is something about Farzi Fried chicken that never ceases to impress.


  • Fried chicken is an excellent addition to any spread
  • Fried chicken is very easy to make at home
  • We have a delicious recipe from Farzi Cafe that is sure to impress

Who doesn’t like a bite of crispy fried chicken?  Juicy, succulent chicken nicely coated in crispy crumbs, we start salivating the moment we start thinking about it; however, there are very few places we trust with the fried dish. We have had all kinds of fried chicken at all kinds of places, while some are forgettable, some leave such an indelible impact that we can’t help but think what would it be like to make it at home. Well, we’d say stop thinking and start cooking, for we have dug out the recipe of Farzi Fried Chicken (Yes, finally!). 

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There is something about Farzi Fried chicken that never ceases to impress. It could be the quirky take on the classic dish or the rich interplay of flavours -now, you can recreate the same at home with this simple recipe.  All you need are some chicken drumsticks, and then prepare a fiery batter of all-purpose flour, garlic powder, paprika, eggs, peri peri powder and salt. Dip your drumsticks in this slurry, fry till golden brown. Serve it with fried lotus stem chips and fries, a la Farzi Cafe-style. Sprinkle some peri peri powder on top. You can find peri peri powder in your nearby store, or you can click here for the recipe. 

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Here is the written recipe of Farzi Fried Chicken with a complete list of ingredients. The recipe serves two.


6-7 chicken drumsticks 

2 cups all-purpose flour, divided  

2 tbsp garlic powder  

1 tbsp paprika  

3 tsp pepper, divided  

2 large eggs  

1-1/2 cups water  

Peri peri powder  

Fried lotus stem chips  

Fried potato chips  

1 teaspoon salt 


1. Combine some flour, garlic powder, salt, paprika and pepper. 

2. In another dish, beat eggs and water; add salt and the remaining flour and pepper. 

3. Dip chicken in egg mixture, then place in the flour mixture. 

4. Deep fry the chicken till they turn golden and crispy. 

5. Serve with fried lotus stem, fried potato chips and smoked barbeque cream. 

6. Sprinkle peri peri powder on top of it. 


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