What is your go-to plan to beat the weekday blues? One of the most common answers will be – catching up with friends post work for a drink or two! However, looking at the present-day condition (on-going Coronavirus pandemic), this seems like a distant dream for many of us. Although the country is on an ‘unlock’ spree, including the pubs and restaurants, we are still cautious about stepping out for social gatherings. Instead, most of the people can be seen preparing restaurant-like food and drinks at home to relish. Hence, The Drunken Botanist, known for their unique cocktails, shared an interesting and refreshing bourbon whiskey-based drink recipe that can be prepared at home in just 10 minutes – it is called Door Bell.

Here’s The Recipe Video For Drunken Botanist’s Door Bell Cocktail:

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What makes ‘Door Bell’ a perfect cocktail to unwind yourself after a long tiring day are the addition of refreshing lime juice, pineapple syrup, orange slices and rosemary leaves. It also includes some almond syrup, which provides a nutty flavour to the drink.

Here’s The Written Recipe For Drunken Botanist’s Door Bell Cocktail:

Prep Time: 5 min

Ready In: 5 min

Type Of Glass: Pint

Serves: 1


30 ml bourbon whiskey

10 ml almond syrup

10 ml lime juice

30 ml pineapple syrup

Glazed Slice of orange

Rosemary leaves

Ice cubes


Pour fresh lime juice and pineapple syrup in a glass.

Add bourbon whiskey and almond syrup in it.

Add a couple of ice cubes in it.

Add these contents in a shaker and shake well.

Pour it out into the serving glass.

Garnish with glazed orange slice and rosemary leaves.

Serve chilled. Cheers!

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