• Mathura ka peda is one of India’s most beloved sweets
  • The peda is also offered to Lord Krishna as a form of prasad
  • You can make Mathura ka peda at home, that too without mawa or chashni

A trip to Mathura is never complete without having a bite of the famous Mathura ka peda. The bite-sized, fudgy sweetmeat has been an intrinsic part of Mathura’s culinary heritage since time immemorial. As we all know, Mathura is the birthplace of Lord Krishna — devotees from all around the world come to the Mathura to pay their obeisance, and a lot of them also offer the ubiquitous pedas to their beloved lord. There is possibly no bustling street in Mathura that does not have a sweet shop selling pedas. These pedas are not just a hit with locals, but many tourists and travellers also parcel a bunch and take it to their hometowns.

There is indeed a certain inimitable quality about the pedas, but what if we tell you that you can recreate something close to it at home! With Rakhi and Janmashtami just around the corner, this could be your sweet gift to your family members.

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With this delicious recipe by famous Youtuber Parul, you can make Mathura Ka Peda in the comfort of your kitchen. All you need to do is heat some ghee on medium or low flame, add some milk powder to the ghee. Stir consistently, there should be no lumps. Add some more ghee, stir again and then add some more ghee. You would see the colour getting slightly darker, add some more ghee at this stage. Now make some space in the idle of this powder mixture and add some milk, mix again slowly until the texture becomes crumbly. Now switch off the gas, allow it to cool. Take a mixer, add the mix and grind. Take it out on a plate, add elachi powder, nutmeg, sugar powder/bhoora. Mix everything and start moulding pedas with help of your hand.

Here’s the full recipe video of Mathura ke pede:

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