No one can deny that mutton is the ultimate indulgence for every die-hard meat lover. From the Mughlai nalli nihari to Bengali kosha mangsho, every Indian cuisine has a special mutton-based recipe that has got a fame of its own. Another such dish is Kashmiri mutton yakhni, one of the most popular dishes that define the cuisine. If you are planning to try it at home, here we bring you a recipe straight from the kitchen of Kashmiri-special restaurant Mealability. The recipe of the classic mutton yakhni has been shared by Chef Sanjay Raina. Take a look.

Here’s The Recipe Video For Kashmiri Mutton Yakhni:

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The term yakhni refers to saffron and curd-based mutton broth, which usually is used as the base of yakhni pulao, shorbas et al. The curd lends richness to the preparation, while saffron imparts flavour and hue to it. However, you can also proceed with the dish sans saffron.

Here’s The Written Version Of Kashmiri Mutton Yakhni Recipe:


1 kg mutton

4 tbsp ghee

5-6 black cardamom

3-4 cinnamon stick

3 cloves

3 bay leaves

5-6 green cardamom

1 cup hung curd

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 tsp garam masala

1 tsp ginger powder

3-4 tsp oil

1 tsp dried fenugreek leaves

Salt to taste

Water as required


1. In a pan add mutton pieces, water, black cardamoms, cinnamon sticks, cloves, green cardamoms, bay leaves and salt to taste.

2. Mix everything well and let the meat cook until tender.

3. In a bowl, pour beaten curd and add cumin seeds, garam masala, ginger powder, green cardamom, black cardamom and oil.

4. Blend all the spices in the curd together.

5. Add salt and fenugreek leaves in the mix.

6. In another pan pour the curd mix until gravy becomes thick in texture.

7. Add boiled chunks of mutton to it with some ghee on top.

8. Mix everything well together until cooked to perfection.

Make sure you serve it hot. Mutton yakhni tastes good with almost everything (naan, roti, biryani etc), but if you really want to enjoy its flavours, pair it will simple steamed rice. Let us know how you like it. Happy cooking!

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