• Bhindi shares a love-hate relationship with the foodies
  • Bhindi one of the most commonly available vegetables in an Indian kitchen
  • We bring you a few bhindi-based recipe ideas that will make it delectable

There are a few vegetables in our country, which have garnered a mixed reaction from people; and bhindi is surely one of them! Also known as okra or lady’s finger, this vegetable shares a love-hate relationship with the foodies. Some of the bhindi-based dishes are hit in a meal spread, while some are ignored to the fullest. However, its year-round availability makes bhindi one of the most commonly available vegetables in an Indian kitchen. Another reason for its popularity in almost every household is its health benefiting properties; bhindi is packed with vitamins, minerals, soluble and insoluble fibre, and low in calorie and fat content.

Hence, we bring you a few bhindi-based recipe ideas that will make this vegetable delectable and flavourful for you.

Find Here The 4 Must-Try Bhindi-Based Recipe Ideas:

Bhindiwala Meat:

Did you ever imagine how bhindi can taste when paired with meat? Try this bhindiwala meat recipe to get your answer. In this recipe, mutton is sautéed in oil with salt, coriander powder and some other spices and cooked in pressure cooker. It is then again cooked with some fried bhindis and served hot with rice or roti.

South Indian-Style Crispy Bhindi:

Much similar to kurkure bhindi, this recipe adds some south Indian flavour to it. In this South Indian-style crispy bhindi recipe, a masala is prepared with peanuts, chana dal, coconut flakes, cumin, coriander seeds and some more ingredients. The bhindis are deep fried and then mixed with the masala to prepare this lip-smacking appetiser.

Bhindi Kali Mirch:

This spicy dish is made with blanched bhindi cooked in a host of spices including cumin, coriander, ginger, garlic, green chillies, turmeric and tomato puree. This bhindi kali mirch recipe can make a perfect lunch or dinner option when paired with roti or paratha.

Dahi Bhindi:

A simple yet flavoursome dish, dahi bhindi includes a quirky combination of bhindi and yogurt, along with some ingredients like onion, chilli and spices. It makes a wholesome meal when served with rice or roti.

Happy cooking!

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