• Foods with high amount of trans fats are bad for body weight and health.
  • Health experts suggest avoiding trans fats as much as possible.
  • Here are some foods with trans fats you must avoid.

Your diet plays a significant role in determining your health level and body weight. Trans fats are one of the main culprits in shooting up your weight and increasing the risk of health problems like inflammation inside the body leading to heart ailments. Health experts have always stressed on avoiding trans fats as much as possible. Some fats are good for health while others are not, trans fats definitely fall in the latter category.

Here are some foods with dangerous amount of trans fats that you must avoid.

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4 High Trans Fats Foods To Avoid –

1. Some types of margarine have zero trans fats but not all of them are free of it. You should check the label to see the tranf fats amount in them. Try replacing margarines with the healthier olive oil.

2. Most of the baked foods like store-bought cookies and biscuits claim to have no trans fats but that could mean the number is below 0.5 grams. But, when you eat a handful of them at once, the quantity of trans fats adds up.

3. We like to add non-dairy creamer to our coffee and tea as they make our drink super creamy. Right? That fact that it’s creamy proves it is full of trans fats.

4. Bite-sized candy bars contain a small amount of trans fats but the problems is you can’t stop at eating just one. Can you?

Lead a healthy life with optimal weight by avoiding these and other foods with high amount of trans fats.

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