Melinjo fruit in mostly found in Southeast Asia.

Melinjo fruit comes from a tree of the same name, mostly found in Southeast Asia, more so in Indonesia.  The fruit, flowers, and leaves of Melinjo tree form a major part of traditional meals in many of these areas. Apart from it being a rich source of nutrients, it can also help one deal with excessive weight and also manage lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes – found a recent study. Researchers from Kumamoto University, Japan who study plants from around the world for useful medicinal properties discovered that Melinjo seed extract (MSE) may be excellent for people wanting to shed extra fat from the body. The results were published in the journal ‘Scientific Reports’. 

Why Melinjo Fruit Is Beneficial For Weight Loss?

  • According to the researchers, Melinjo seed extract stimulates the production of adiponectin hormone that is known to improve the conditions of obesity and diabetes.
  • Melinjo fruit contains high antioxidant and antibacterial properties, which help in protecting the body and keeping it in good health.
  • Melinjo fruit also contains a high amount of polyphenols and resveratrol, which may improve lifestyle-related diseases and boost metabolic syndrome.

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Extracts from melinjo fruit seeds may with weight loss. 

All these benefits of melinjo fruit were proved during the research led by Dr. Tsuyoshi Shuto. First, the researchers fed 4 heathy adult men MSE supplements for 14 days. They found that taking 300 mg of MSE every day activated adiponectin in human males, a compound known to boost metabolism.

“We believe that our findings can benefit human health through the treatment of obesity and diabetes by focusing on the induction of the DsbA-L gene using MSE,” said Associate Professor Shuto.

In the second part of the study, the research team tested the compound in a high-fat diet fed to mouse with obesity-induced diabetes. They found that daily oral administration of MSE over a period of four weeks, stimulates adiponectin in the body. It was also seen that diabetic pathologies in muscle tissue also improved leading to decreased fat accumulation and fasting blood sugar levels improving by a huge number. 

“We hope that this work contributes to a healthier society through the creation of innovative medicines and products from plants and other natural resources. It is important to provide solid scientific evidence that supports the use of natural resources in emerging countries and using them for beneficial drug discovery and health,” added Professor Shuto.

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