• Want to grow organic food at home?
  • Start your own little kitchen garden.
  • Here are some veggies that are easiest to grow at home.

If you are worried about consuming adulterated foods with harmful chemicals, fertiliser residue or artificial colours, it’s best to create your own kitchen garden. You can grow many fruits and vegetables at home and enjoy fresh and organic food without any worry. If you have an outdoor area with enough space, and it gets a good amount of sunlight, you can turn it into a vegetable garden. Of course, it’s not feasible to grow all the vegetables you know of, but there are some veggies you can easily grow, maintain and harvest in your little organic farm.

What you want to grow is completely your choice but you should be informed about which vegetables are easiest to grow at home. Here are some common vegetables regularly used for cooking, which are relatively easy to cultivate, and some tips to help you do it. And, you don’t even need any special gardening skills for creating them.

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5 Easiest Vegetable To Grow At Home –

1. Garlic
This spice is regularly used as a base for cooking. Use the seeds of garlic and not garlic bulbs that you get in the market.

2. Radish

Sow the seeds of radish in spring or fall and then gradually thin the seedlings to provide some space for roots to grow out.

3. Carrots

It’s a popular veggie to be eaten as salad or for cooking savoury dishes as well as desserts. After sowing the carrots seeds, the tops of the carrots will pop out from the soil in no time, and that’s when they are ready to harvest.

4. Lettuce

Be it burgers, salads or sandwiches, we love raw salad leaves for its fresh favour. Leaf lettuce grows so fast, you don’t even have to wait for the plant to form a head.

5. Peas
Peas is again one of the most commonly used food in every household. Plant the seeds of peas early during the spring time and support the climbing plant with a small trellis made of wood, bamboo or metal.

Use these tips to grow the easiest-to-grow veggies in your home garden.

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