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Corporate Catering can be difficult and stressful to get done because of the sheer size of the orders that can come in. Most of the time a corporate event hosts hundreds of people at a time and they almost always want something unique to that event alone. Which if you do multiple catering events for corporations can make you run out of ideas very quickly. To help with that here are 5 ideas to really make your event stand out.

Comfort Foods

Most caters are often requested to do fancy foods to show off how much they spent but have you considered offering a comfort food idea? Mini cocktail wieners, home-made mac & cheese, grilled chicken and more. It can make for an easy catering job for both sides and you can even offer doggy bags for people to bring things home with them. Which for moms or dads that had to have a babysitter, or their kids are old enough to be home alone can bring that home store it and then they can do leftovers for their children the next day. I know it is a corporate catering event, but it is something that would stand out amongst the sea of other events that corporations hold year-round.

Food Trucks

Food trucks are nostalgic and fun to have at parties. Who wouldn’t walk out and see an ice cream truck or a taco truck and be excited? This is especially great for if you have different types of diets or allergy restrictions such as gluten allergies. This way you can have a truck with gluten free food and a truck with regular foods of the same type so those that cannot come into contact with gluten at all do not have to be worried about if they are going to get end up with cross contamination in their food.

Self-Serve Alcohol Bar

You could also do a pay as you pour bar where the people are able to pick and pour their own drinks. This would work best with mostly beer and wine but sometimes you can get bourbon or whiskey in pourable kegs as well. It all depends on what is the most popular drink that everybody in the office would be interested in. Set this up in a way that there is a person standing next to it with a handheld register to accept payment and then once paid for they step to the left or right and pour the beer, wine, or whatever they want for themselves to enjoy.

Mini Foods

If you do not anticipate people eating a lot of food but still want to provide a variety for them, think about doing miniature versions of those foods. So, things like mini tacos, mini cheeseburgers, etc. The list could go on and on. This will be a hit especially at corporate events where they can bring their children. The kids will be able to eat and have fun just like everyone else and that means so can their parents.

Make your own bar

This has many ways it can be used for. Some of the ways include a froyo bar, candy bar, trail mix bar and more. There are so many things that you can do with this option that it is hard to fit it all into one description. This works once again for people that enjoy having fun with this type of stuff.

These ideas and more are great ways to make your catering even a ton more fun and exciting. I hope you enjoy these ideas and try a few for yourself.

By Papa