Potato popcorn is a yummy snack that you must try.


  • Feel like eating popcorns but out of corns?
  • Make flavourful aloo popcorn with cheesy filling inside.
  • Here is an easy recipe to help you make it at home.

We can’t go out to watch movies but we can always recreate theatre-like experience at home. With all old and new movies being shown on online streaming apps, we just need our comfy couch and a big bowl of popcorn. You can make popcorns from scratch with corns, or buy pre-mixed instant popcorn packs from the market. But, if you are out of both, we have a solution for this corny situation. Make aloo popcorns, because potatoes are always there in our kitchen.

Aloo popcorns may not be puffy and airy-like corn popcorns, but they’ll give you the same bite-sized crunchy snacking experience. You can just fill your bowl with them and keep popping them in your mouth. Even if you’ll be totally engrossed in your movie, you won’t be able to ignore the deliciousness of this snack. Now, making aloo popcorns may require some time and effort but you wouldn’t regret doing it once you’ll taste these yummy munchies.

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Boiled potatoes can be used to make various snacks. 

How to make potato popcorn at home:


1 large or 2 small potatoes

1 onion, chopped

1 green chilli, chopped

1 cheese slice or grated 1/4 cup mozzarella cheese

Oregano and chilli flakes to taste

Salt to taste

Half cup cornflour

Water as required

1 cup breadcrumbs


Step 1 – Boil the potato in advance. (Takes around 15 minutes in pressure cooker.)

Step 2 – Mash the potato, add salt, cheese, oregano, chilli flakes and green chilli. Mix thoroughly to make solid dough.

Step 3 – In a separate bowl, mix cornflour in water to make thick batter. Add some salt to it. Place fine bread crumbs in another bowl.

Step 4 – Divide the potato dough into small balls. One by one, dip them in cornflour batter and immediately coat with bread crumbs.

Step 5 – Deep fry or bake or air fry the popcorns to make a crunchy snack.

Pair these flavourful popcorns with sauce or just eat as it is. These aloo popcorns with cheesy filling won’t let you miss your regular popcorns.

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