Get expert tips to make the perfect pancake.


  • Pancakes are one of the best and tastiest breakfast meals.
  • Here are some chef tips to make perfect pancakes.
  • Make restaurant-like pancakes at home with these expert tips.

Pancake is one of the best things you can make for breakfast. The ideal mix of sweet and savoury flavours rolled into a round pancake, makes it a morning delight. You can dress up your pancake with your favourite fruits or nuts and add the element of healthfulness to it. Although, it is fairly easy to make pancakes at home, but we rarely get the same restaurant-style pancakes even if we follow our recipe to the T. Where do we go wrong? Or what do the restaurants do to make those drool-worthy pancakes that we are not able to replicate?

Pro chef Neil Kleinberg of Clinton St. Baking Company shared some tips and trick to learn the art of making pancakes. Clinton St. Baking Company, restaurant in New York is famous for serving the best pancakes in the city.

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9 Tips To Make Perfect Pancakes – 

1. Now, most of us use store-bought pancake mix to whip up quick and easy pancakes. Chef Neil Kleinberg suggests following the instructions on the box but tips in replacing some part of water with buttermilk or sour cream or plain milk for better taste. You can also add extra egg for dense texture. 

2. Neil also suggests not putting dark spices like cinnamon powder in the batter because it will darken the colour of the pancake; instead sprinkle it on the cooked pancake. 

3. A great tip we get here is to let the pancake batter sit for some time before pouring in on the pan for cooking. This will give the batter some time to mix all the dry and fluid ingredients to mix well or else the molecules of the ingredients may melt and disperse, which may affect the texture of the pancake. 

4. Always heat the pan first and then pour your batter onto it. 

5. Remember to use a generous amount of butter to cook pancakes. Swirl it around till it starts bubbling but don’t let it turn brown.

6. Try to use a flat pan or flat griddle to make pancakes. It ensures even cooking and makes it easier to flip them.

7. Talking about flipping, Neil cautions not to flip the pancake more than once. That means, when you pour the batter, let it cook from the bottom, wait for it to develop brown edges and then flip just once to cook finally from the other side. 

8. Spread some blueberries on top of the uncooked side before flipping it to cook along with blueberries. This holds the blueberries in place as compared to putting them after the pancake is cooked.

9. Make homemade maple butter sauce for the side that goes perfectly with the pancake. Take a small saucepan, pour half a cup of maple syrup and heat it. Take half stick of butter and cut into small blocks. As the syrup is getting warm, put each butter block one after another and whisk along in the syrup till all the butter is melted and the sauce get a beautiful caramel colour. 

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