Rice is traditionally prepared by boiling it in a pot or vessel containing water.


  • Rice is an Indian meal staple
  • Rice can be preparedin many ways
  • Rice can often get sticky or mushy while preparing

India is one of the largest producers and consumers of rice. We love rice to an extent that no quintessential Indian meal is deemed complete without a helping of rice. We all have our ways in which we like to indulge — some like to pair rice with a soothing curry, others like to have it dry, mixed up with spices or meat. Either ways, it is safe to say that we are obsessed with rice — and it breaks us completely when we have to have rice, which is not prepared according to our wish. If you are sick of having, mushy, sticky rice, despite of doing everything that it takes to make perfectly, flavourful rice — you may want to hear this out.

In most Indian households, rice is prepared by boiling it in a pot or vessel containing water. Sounds easy, right? Except, it is not. The most challenging task is to get a desired consistency, and many a times we do have to make do with mushy rice against our will.

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Now, here’s what you may have been doing wrong. Not only do you have to be super careful of the measurements, but you also need to be very patient once you have put it on boil. Do not stir the rice in an expectation that it will make it cook quicker. Stirring rice tends to activate the starch which ends up making your rice slightly sticky. So prevent stirring, unless of course you are cooking risotto.  

If by any chance, you do see your rice sticking together despite of all cautions, you can try placing some bits of breads in the midst of cooked rice. Bread crumbs tend to suck up the excess moisture and give you nice, dry consistency you are yearning for.
So what’re you waiting for? Here’s a delicious recipe of Allahabadi Tehri. A famous rice dish from Lucknow. Make it at home and relish the amazing rice grains in all its glory!

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